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I love

To help other women with their business


I started this business to come alongside burnt out and overwhelmed women, business owners. I've been able to help these amazing women take their businesses to the next level and give them their time back to do the things they truly love.


After constantly receiving DMs and so many questions about how I had created a successful Virtual Assistant business and landed my dream clients, I knew it was time to help others do the same.


Now, I also teach aspiring and new Virtual Assistants how to have successful $5k+ months, work with their dream clients, and get their time back, too.

Facts about me

My perfect hobby

Adventuring somewhere new with my family

Best vacation spot

Lake Tahoe

I'm drinking

Water with electrolytes 

I'm watching


I started this business

Age of 31

My favourite food

I have always loved ...

Exploring new places with family and friends. I do indeed love chasing waterfalls and highly recommend it. Contrary to popular belief, taking our kids with us on planes, road trips, long hikes, and new places has been one of my favorite parts of being a mom.


Working With the Best Clients


Kaelyn very clearly loves admin and she's good at it. It shows in her work. She's very timely, on top of tasking, much quicker at every task than I even anticipated and she's very organized. She has provided a ton of relief to my plate already and I'm not sure how I managed without her this far. She has kept me on task, thinks ahead without being told, is a go-getter, listens to direction and takes adjustments and pivots well. My biggest regret is not hiring her earlier!

My blog currently has 25,000 reads per month!! That's the highest it's ever been AND my email subscribers are over 1,000! I can't thank you enough for all your help so far, there's no denying that my numbers have gone up since you started helping!


As a business owner, being able to outsource reliable help, one who understands the vision of your business and as well as my clients, is extremely important. Kaelyn did exactly that. She provided quick and clear communication and resolved issues in order for me to service my clients in a timely manner and did it with professionalism and excellence.

- Haleigh Hendrickson,
Where We Went Next
-Esther, Campbell Management Consulting, LLC
- Brit Richards, Smear LLC

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Are you ready to onboard clients like a pro?

​​This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about onboarding so you can feel confident before, during and after jumping on your discovery calls.

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