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Now what?

I'm glad you asked. If you're ready for more, keep reading below!


1:1 Virtual Assistant Coaching With Kaelyn

A personalized coaching program for virtual assistants like you to scale your business past $5k+ months, land and retain high-ticket clients, and gain the time freedom you crave. 

Learn how to systemize your business to run on autopilot, market to dream clients, build financial wealth, and more!

I'm a title. ​Click here

Stop second-guessing which direction to take your virtual assistant business next.

Follow a proven path to gain visibility, scale your monthly minimums, and book clients who value what you bring to the table.

Bonus? You’ll build a brand with a loyal following & wear your CEO hat with pride → I’ll show you how. ;)


  • Your Inbox Has 0 Inquiry Leads And You’re Wrapping Up Your Current Projects.

This is what we call the feast and famine → you’re switching from months of projects and paid bills to crickets. You can’t plan ahead because your income is as unstable as your strategy to market to new clients and retain the ones you do have. 

  • You're Posting Daily, But Your Following Is *Still* Stagnant.

You’re following every viral video, saving trending audios, and putting in the work to shareable content – yet your following is staying the same at best or losing numbers at worst. You’re exhausted from putting yourself out there with no return.

  • You Have No Systems, A.K.A. You’re Recreating The Wheel Every. Single. Time.

Systems? Templates? Client Management Tools? You *know* your business would thrive with the saved time, headache, and brain space, but you have no idea where to even start or what systemizations are worth the investment.

  • You Left Your 9-5 To Start This Business, But It Isn’t Covering The Bills As You Hoped.

You’re beginning to wonder if starting your own VA biz was worth it. Your fear of not being able to pay the bills is real and valid—you’re in freeze mode and want to follow a guaranteed path to success to not only cover your expenses but also give you a life of financial freedom.

"I knew immediately after Day 1 of coaching with Kaelyn that I had made the right investment in my business. In just three sessions together, I have gained more than I could have ever imagined, more than I had in my twelve weeks with my previous (failed) coach and experience.

The passion she has for her job as a Virtual Assistant and coach - I HAD to learn from her."
-Akina N


  • Landing and Retaining High-Ticket Clients Who Don’t Bat An Eye At Your Minimums & Value Your Expertise.

  • Implementing Systems That Streamline Your Business So You Can Take The Time Off You Need (And Then A Little Something, Something More).

  • Wearing and *Owning* Your Title Of CEO, Businesswoman, And Virtual Assistant Guru With Confidence.

  • Scaling Your Business To Provide The Time & Financial Freedom So You Can Play With Your Kids On A Random Tuesday Afternoon, Cross Off Your Travel Bucketlist Items, And Let’s Be Real… Make Your Pinterest Style Board Come To Life.



Hi! I’m Kaelyn – your leading virtual assistant coach & no. 1 give-it-to-you straight hype woman.


In the span of a year, I washed my hands clean of a 9-5 job that took the life out of me, started a VA biz where I landed my first client in two weeks, scaled to $6k months after four months, and recently launched a virtual assistant agency with my dream team. (ily, KMVA!) 


As a mom of two who is continually planning our next family vacay, I know how important it is to create a business that works for your life and not one that *is* your life.


I’ve experienced the richness of no longer being tethered to my computer or pinching pennies to get by.


My success in working for seven-figure businesswomen isn’t from luck… 


…It’s a tested strategy I use on rinse and repeat to land and retain high-ticket clients, and I’m showing you how.


I’ll teach you how to market to your ideal clients, create a standout brand, and hit $5k months with the exact method I built my business on.

Clarity - Systems - CEO Mindset - Marketing - Retention

Step 1: APPLY

Apply for 1:1 Coaching below so I can learn more about your business’s current wins, pain points, and big goals. If you’re a good fit for my coaching program, then I’ll reach out within 48 hours with the next steps and payment link to secure your name on my calendar!

Brown Aesthetic Social Media Strategy Carousel Instagram Post (2).png


We’ll connect biweekly with strategy-packed calls, and after each session, you’ll walk away with resources and practical action steps from your custom coaching plan.

Did you know… the average return on investment for hiring a coach in your industry is 7X the investment you originally made.

Every thriving business needs to make the *right* kind of investments,

but can any investment match a return like that?



1:1 Virtual Assistant Coaching with Kaelyn

A personalized coaching program for virtual assistants like you to scale your business to $5k+ months, land and retain high-ticket clients, and gain the time freedom you crave.


Let’s Break It Down. Here’s The Process:

Through biweekly strategy-packed calls with resources and next steps, we’ll work together to:

  • Dive into your messaging (the no. 1 reason you aren’t getting inquiries or booked clients) to create a clear brand voice that attracts your dream clients.

  • Set up the vital systems and tools that your business needs to run on autopilot and create an unforgettable client experience.

  • Develop a CEO mindset so you can move forward and take the next steps to build a scalable business for high-end clients.

  • Nail down your pricing and packages so you can stand confident in your “no” and be thrilled with your “yes” to inquiries. 

  • Teach you how to write email pitches, grow your influence on Instagram, and solidify bookings all from the comfort of your home.

  • Master the art of client retention through relationships so you don’t have to start from scratch after each project.

Oh! And since I looove a good bonus…

You’ll get instant access to:

  • Instagram Academy Course ($349) FREE

  • Kickstart Your Virtual Assistant Career Full Guide ($115) FREE

"After our call, I felt an immense weight lifted off my shoulders, mainly because I finally felt like I was heading down the right path for my VA business.

Kaelyn not only helped me create and price my packages but she also provided me with resources to better my mindset!

Coaching Is For You If You...

  • Know you have what it takes to build the business of your dreams, but you need a guide to point you in the right direction and give you the necessary tools.

  • Want to create systems and strategies to land and retain high-end clients who won’t bat an eye at your current rates.

  • Plan to put some sweat, love, and tears into scaling your business to heights you never dreamed possible.

Coaching Is *NOT* For You If You Aren't...

  • Ready to launch your virtual business! (Let’s chat once you do!)

  • Willing to put in the work to change habits and mindsets that continue to keep your bottom line stagnant.

  • (#1 Reason) Able to see the immense value in investing in your business (and self!) this year.




→ 90 Minute Strategy Session To Kick Off Our Time Together

→ 60 Minute Coaching Call Every Two Weeks

→ Instant Access To My Top Selling Resources: IG Academy Course, Kickstart Your VA Career Full Guide, And Business Templates (Total Value: $543)

→ Unlimited Feedback During Our Months Together

→ 1:1 Slack Support During Biz Hours

Pay in Full: $4,000

**Payment plans available during checkout!


→ 90 Minute Strategy Session To Kick Off Our Time Together

→ 60 Minute Coaching Call Every Two Weeks

→ Instant Access To My Top Selling Resources: IG Academy Course, Kickstart Your VA Career Full Guide, And Business Templates (Total Value: $543)

→ Unlimited Feedback During Our Months Together

→ 1:1 Slack Support During Biz Hours


→ Complimentary Mock Discovery Call Run Through

→ Slack Support For 30 Days Post Coaching As You Implement Your Custom Plan 

→ 1 Bonus Session Post Coaching To Answer Any “What Now?” Questions

Pay in Full (Best deal): $7,500

**Payment plans available during checkout!


  1. Is coaching only for locals? Nope! We will meet online for our calls so all you need is wifi, good lighting, and a readiness to dive in.

  2. Are our sessions recorded so I can look back and rewatch them? Yes! You’ll have access to our recorded coaching sessions.

  3. What if I have more questions before signing up? I totally get that—we all want to make the right investments around here. Shoot me an email at, and let’s get chatting!

  4. How long is each coaching session? We’ll meet biweekly for the duration of your preferred plan* for 60 minutes at a time, where you’ll walk away with personal resources and an action plan every single time. (*See pricing options for different packages)

  5. How much support will I get? This is a high-touch program. You get two monthly 60-minute calls, Slack support during business hours, and unlimited feedback.

  6. When will we start? Coaching is ongoing, with limited spots available monthly. Once accepted, you start with 2-3 weeks! Woohoo!

  7. How does the application process work? After you apply, you'll hear back within 48 hours. If you're a good fit, you will receive an email from me with the next steps and a payment link to get started. After payment, you will be onboarded via our system, where you will sign your contract and book your kick-off call!


As your honorary hype woman who gives it to you straight – 

You need an expert guide with industry-specific strategies to create a virtual assistant business that 

*consistently* hits $5k months, 

lands and retains high-ticket clients, 

and has your inbox racking up new inquiries from your brand-building tactics. 


No more scouring every YouTube video and Reddit deep dive for how to build your virtual assistant business online. 


No more second-guessing your strategy, cringing at your empty inbox, and wasting money on courses that don’t make their return on investment. 


It’s time to get your niche questions answered, have an industry bestie spill all her success secrets, and create a custom plan to scale your business to hit your income goals. 

If you’re ready to go all in & watch your investment work overtime for you, then don’t waste a second more and get your coaching application started today!

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