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What NOT to do to Hit $5k Months as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants! 📣 You DON’T need to be doing these things in order to hit $5k+ months ⤵️

• Accepting every potential client that wants to jump on a call

• Taking on MORE clients just for money

• Working 40+ hours a week

• Sacrificing your values, boundaries, family time, you name it.

I promise, it won’t be worth it. You launched your own business because you want to be able to have time freedom, work with amazing clients, and have flexible hours + peace of mind.

So here’s what you should do instead ⤵️

• Get clear on your messaging & ideal client and speak to THEM

• Turn down (yup, I said it & I’ve done it 🫣) low ticket clients who aren’t your ideal and who aren’t willing to pay you for your expertise

• Work with 3-4 high paying clients instead of 6-8 low paying clients. (We can do better work for less clients who invest in us anyway!)

Virtual assistants!! What else would you add? Comment below 👇🏼


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