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3 Things You Can Be Doing to Land Clients as a Virtual Assistant

To my fellow Virtual Assistants, who are struggling to land clients right now, I see you.

A couple months ago I read this statistic: The months where virtual assistants are onboarded the most are January and February.

This makes complete sense as business owners are setting new goals for the year and making sure everything is in order for their business.

So, what do we do during the other months. Honestly, you can be doing these 3 things all year long and never experience the issue of not landing clients.

1. Keep showing up and being consistent on social media. Make sure your messaging is clear and that you are speaking to your ideal clients.

2. Keep sending those proposals and pitches and sharing how you can help and bring value to their business.

3. Keep doing market research and making sure your mission and vision is super clear.

If you do these things, not only, will you start landing more of your ideal clients, but business owners will know who to go to when they're ready because those are the virtual assistants that have been consistently showing up.

You got this!


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