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4 Questions to Ask on a Discovery Call as a Virtual Assistant

So you booked a discovery call with a potential client and you’re wondering “now what”?! I wanted to share with you 4 questions that I personally use when I’m on a discovery call with a new client! These 4 questions have become crucial in helping me truly understand my potential clients' needs!

So let’s jump right in!

  1. What tasks are you looking to offload?

This question is SO important because while they answer this call in the booking form (more on that below), you still want to hear them say it because sometimes they say EXTRA things that they didn’t write and that needs to be calculated into the price you offer!

  1. What systems and softwares do you currently use?

Understanding the different tools your client uses will give you insight into their workflows plus it may even give you an opportunity to offer suggestions or recommendations based off of things you have done for your past clients! 

  1. What is your preferred method of communication?

Everyone has a different preference of how they like to communicate. Some clients prefer to communicate through emails while others prefer zoom calls or instant messaging like Slack. It’s always good to know ahead of time!

  1. When are you looking for a VA to start?

Timeframes are crucial for both you and the potential client! It’s all about setting clear expectations from the start!

By incorporating these 4 questions into your discovery calls, you will gain deeper insight into your clients and get to know their needs right from the beginning! 

Feel free to save this blog to reference back to! If you aren’t sure what you should add in your booking form, comment below and I’ll help you get started!

I also have a FREE step-by-step onboarding guide that you can check out here!

4 questions to ask on a discovery call
4 questions to ask on a discovery call as a virtual assistant
4 questions to ask as a virtual assistant on a discovery call


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