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5 Things to Put in Your Contracts as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants, having a contract in place that outlines the terms of your agreement could quite literally be a life saver! Of course, there are other things I include in my contract, like a Confidentiality Clause and Non Exclusivity. But the point is, the contract is there to protect you and your client and having the right things in place is important!

Unfortunately, I learned some of these the hard way so I’m here to help you not make those same mistakes!

Here are 5 things that I would put in your contract as a virtual assistant:

  1. Description of services: You want to be as specific as possible here. If a client comes and asks you to do something outside of the tasks listed in your contract, you’re protected!

  2. Price and payment terms: Of course, what you’re getting paid monthly, BUT ALSO when the payment is due, what the payment is late, late fees, and how payment is expected to be paid.

  3. Communication methods: How will you and the client communicate? Slack, e mail, Voxer. Whatever you choose and agree on, stick to it! I also recommend putting your response times (“Within 24 hours”).

  4. Business hours: Because you are a business. Clearly communicating your business hours establishes a precedent and understands that you will not be available outside of those hours.

  5. Termination clause: I recommend 30 days. Regardless of who terminated the contract, it gives you enough time to offboard properly and replace the client. 

If you need a solid contract, I’ll be releasing a Virtual Assistant Template Bundle soon with a contract + other templates that will set you up for success in your business. 🫡 comment WAITLIST & I’ll send you a link to get added to the list!

What to include in your contract as a virtual assistant

5 things to put in your contract as a virtual assistant

What to include in your contract as a virtual assistant


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