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How to Get Client Referrals

My #1 secret may make you mad. 🫣🤣

Here’s the truth 👉🏼 I have NEVER asked for the referrals I've received! But I think asking is always a good idea. A lot of businesses ask for referrals so this is common practice.

But I didn’t ask for these. They just happened. And guess what - one of these is now my current client who I love working with. 🙌🏼

So, how can you get organic referrals? Be MORE than just a Virtual Assistant. ✨

Don’t do the bare minimum. Don’t miss deadlines. Don’t under communicate. Don’t be JUST a Virtual assistant.

⚡️ DO - go above and beyond, beat deadlines, bring ideas to the table, offer feedback, strategize with them.

When people love something, they share about it. If you try a new restaurant and you love it, you tell people about it. This is how organic referrals happen.

When you do a great job for your clients, they want to tell their other business owner friends who also need help. The one thing you DON'T want happening is them sharing that you're NOT doing a good job.

Make sure you show up for your clients in a way that makes them want to tell other people about you!

Do you get referrals as a Virtual Assistant? What would you add to the list?!


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