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How to Land High Ticket Clients as a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, one of the most common questions I receive is, “How do I land high ticket clients who understand the value of investing in a virtual assistant?

If you’re still only getting inquiries from low-ticket clients & not able to bring in business owners who know that having a virtual assistant is a super power for them & the growth of their business, I want to remind you that the things below ARE NOT why:

Lack of experience: You might think you need years of experience to attract high-paying clients. However, I’ve personally coached individuals who started with little to no experience and quickly secured multiple clients.

Small following: Social media presence is important, but it’s not the sole determinant of success. My first discovery call happened at 100 followers and I scaled past $6k months with just under 800.

Saturated market: Yes, the virtual assistant market is competitive, but there are over 33.2 million businesses in the US alone as of 2024. The demand for skilled VAs far outweighs the supply.

Low pay for VAs: This is simply untrue. Many business owners understand the value a competent virtual assistant brings to their operations and are willing to pay accordingly.

But I guarantee you it is one of these things below:

Generic Messaging - You’re using the same language every VA is using

Lack of originality - You’re getting inspo from other VAs posts and trying to make their words yours

Understanding clients' pain points -  you haven’t taken the time to understand your dream client’s REAL pain points. For example, a real estate agent will have different pain points than an influencer!!

The truth is, I landed my first DREAM client after 2 weeks of launching my biz (with a lot of other VAs in the market), I scaled to $6k+ months with less than 800 followers, and now I’m blessed enough to be running a virtual assistant agency with a rockstar team & rockstar clients!

It’s more than just posting, it’s about speaking to the people you want to work with & offering them a solution they can’t resist!

If you want a FREE 20 minute, fluff-free masterclass on how you can land your next 5 clients, watch my FREE masterclass to learn the strategies I used to become booked out & scale to 6 figures after 6 months of launching my VA business here!

How to land high ticket clients

landing high ticket clients

how to land high ticket clients as a virtual assistant


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