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The Best Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

Just start!!

This has definitely always been one of my mottos and something I live by.


Will you fail sometimes! Absolutely. Will you get better at things overtime and wish you knew things earlier? Absolutely.

But it’s too often that people never live the life they’ve always wanted to because they won’t start. They want it to be perfect or they find all the reasons it won’t work or may not work for them. 🚫

Here’s the truth 👉🏼 the easiest way to learn things is EXPERIENCE.

When you first sit down to play a new board game with friends and they try to explain it to you, it doesn’t really click until you actually play the game! 💡

Experience only comes from starting.

So, I hope this encourages you today to JUST START.

We were all beginners at one point, and there’s people who are more than willing to help you along the way. 🫶🏼


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