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Things I Love About Being a Mom and a Business Owner

Here are just a few things I love:

  • Being able to shut my laptop and hangout with my kids whenever i want

  • Time freedom

  • Saying yes to random treats without worrying about $$$ all the time

  • Being present

  • Being able to travel with my family as often as we like

  • Taking a Friday off to have a CEO day

Honestly, I’m living my dream come true.

But the truth is, too often, we forget to slow down, take a step back and look how far we’ve come.

As a business owner, I have BIG goals & dreams. It can be easy for me to check something off my list and take no time to celebrate and instead jump right into the next thing. Anyone relate?!

It hit me this week that because of this business I’ve built, I’m able to do things like take my kids to the trampoline park on a Wednesday afternoon or go get my nails done on a Friday morning without having to ask for PTO or get anyone’s permission.

Being a mom is one of my favorite things. ❤️ Feeling like I’m walking in my purpose, helping others, and providing for our fam are also things I love.

Today, I’m thankful.

And if you’ve been trying to build your dream Virtual Assistant business and need some help or guidance, fill out this form HERE✨ and I’d love to help you get started. 🫶🏼


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