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What to do After a Discovery Call

So you just wrapped up a successful discovery call and now you’re wondering what’s next!? Let’s dive into a couple things you need to be doing as soon as you wrap up that call!

1. Follow up 

A timely follow up will not only show your professionalism and commitment but it will help keep an open line of communication between you and the client. Even if it’s just a quick thank you or a quick check-in!

2. Send a personalized proposal 

Be sure to send a personalized proposal shortly after your call. Having a template for your proposals that you can easily go in and tailor to your client can be so helpful in saving you time and energy! 

3. Once they say yes, get that contract + invoice sent over! 

Once they say yes, it’s time to seal the deal! Get that contract and invoice sent over in a timely manner. Make sure your contracts and invoice are both clear and concise! 

I actually have a FREE Onboarding Client checklist that dives into allllll the nitty gritty of what a solid discovery call looks like. It includes what questions to ask, how the flow of the convo should go, etc.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about onboarding so you can feel confident before, during and after jumping on that discovery call! You can grab it here!

What to do after a discovery call
What to do after a discovery call as a virtual assistant
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