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How Do I Price my Packages as a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve been getting this question so much and it’s something I actually sit down and walk my clients through on my one-on-one coaching calls (such a fun perk!! 😎)

Pricing your services appropriately requires careful consideration of different factors such as your expertise, the value you provide, and the time invested in completing tasks. 

The one thing that helped me show up confidently when proposing high ticket monthly retainers 💰 on discovery calls was sitting down and making sure I priced all my services according to my expertise and how long those task take me BEFOREHAND. Doing the work beforehand allows me to show up confidently during my client consultations and I am able to articulate the values of my services effectively!

It’s a big task to do this, but it’s something that will save you in the long run and something that can be adjusted overtime as you continue to learn, grow, and become a better virtual assistant overall.

Setting up the right foundations in your business is huge and is essential for long-term growth! By doing this, you will attract your dream clients!

Have any questions about this topic or anything else related to becoming a virtual assistant? I offer one-on-one strategy sessions where  I’ll spend an hour answering your questions about how to land clients, Instagram strategy, business tips, onboarding clients, you name it! Sign up at the link here!


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