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What Documents You Must Have as a Virtual Assistant

Let’s chat documents! In order to be the most efficient Virtual Assistant you can be, I would highly recommend getting all of your documents in place from the beginning! These are a huge part of your business systems and foundations and being set up for success.

Let’s jump into a couple of documents that I think are super important to have ready. There’s definitely more I would recommend but these are great to get started with!

Proposal - You just jumped off a discovery call with a potential client and they are ready to move forward with you. What’s next? Having a well-crafted, ready to go proposal can be a game changer! Having a proposal document you can just plug in your potential clients information and send over within an hour is GOLD.

Portfolio - Some clients are going to want to see a portfolio before even booking a call (not all). This is also good to have if you’re sending outbound pitches. This should include a little bit about you, past work, and of course, happy client testimonials. 

Email templates - Time is of the essence as a Virtual Assistant. I LOVE having pre-written email templates I can grab when needed. Think pitch emails, retainer increase emails, follow up emails. Emails where it requires no thinking, just grab and go! 

Contract - After your client accepts your portfolio, it’s time to send that contract baby! Having a sound, legal contract that protects you as a business owner is HUGE. 

Are you ready to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level OR if you’re just looking to improve your systems, having these essential documents is key. 

I'm working on compiling all the documents I use every day in my business and creating templates just for YOU!


From a solid contract to a seal-the-deal proposal, I got you!

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when my template bundle becomes available!

Virtual Assistant Documents

Documents for a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Documents



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