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3 Things You Need & Don’t Need to Be a Successful Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant can feel overwhelming especially when you’re seeing conflicting advice on what it takes to succeed. I want to debunk some myths about what it actually takes to become a successful Virtual Assistant! Here are three things you don't need and three things you absolutely do need to thrive as a virtual assistant.

3 things you DON’T need to be a successful virtual assistant:

  1. A huge social media following: Don’t believe the lie that followers = money, because it doesn’t! I scaled past $5k months with less than 800 followers 🎉 While social media can be a valuable tool, having more followers does not mean you will be more successful. 

  2. Years of experience: Experience is obviously beneficial, but it's not a requirement for success. Every Virtual Assistant starts from scratch, building their skills and clientele over time!

  3. Tons of client testimonials: While testimonials can enhance credibility, they're not a make-or-break factor. Quality service and effective communication speak volumes, regardless of the number of testimonials you have.

3 things you DO need to be a successful virtual assistant:

  1. Automations and systems in place: Efficiency is key in the world of virtual assistance. Implementing automations and systems streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service. 

  2. Clear messaging and knowing who you serve: Understanding your target audience and the problems you solve is essential. Clear messaging resonates with potential clients and distinguishes you as the expert.

  3. Clarity on what services you offer and the pricing for those services: Define your services and establish transparent pricing.

Another thing - You DON’T have to start hourly when you first start as a virtual assistant! I hear so often of virtual assistant coaches who told their clients they start at $25/hour. It may feel comfortable and help you land lower ticket clients, but if you want high ticket clients that value you and what you bring to the table, position yourself as an expert. One way you do that is through your pricing. 🫡

Which one of these do you feel you need help with?

3 things you don't need to be a successful virtual assistant

3 things you don't need to be a successful virtual assistant

3 things you don't need to be a successful virtual assistant



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