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3 Ways to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business ASAP!

I’ve gotten so many questions lately about starting and getting things set up the right way for your virtual assistant business. I want to share 3 ways to start your Virtual Assistant business right away! 

1.Get clear on who you’re serving + how

Clarity is key! Start with writing down your ideal client. What industry are they in? What are they struggling with? What challenges are they facing? What services will you offer to solve their problem? What’s the outcome when they work with you? Clarity in your messaging is everything!

2.Set up your systems and backend

You want to be sure to streamline every step of your client interaction experience. From booking a call to sending the invoice + contract, you want that process for someone to be as seamless as possible. Buy templates like portfolios and proposals, set up a user-friendly booking calendar, and have a way to sign the contract electronically. Make sure you set a minimum retainer package price & stick with it! Don’t allow a client to negotiate any lower than your minimum.

I also recommend you clearly write out your services & attach prices to them so you can build custom packages if needed (I’m personally not a fan of just having 3 packages 🤷🏼‍♀️ ).

Having a solid contract is a BIG one that will protect you & your business in the long run. AND having a way for your clients to sign & pay electronically speaks volume to your systems + professionalism.

3.Start showing up + speaking to your dream clients

No one will know about you if you don’t start showing up! There’s power in building a brand on social media and attracting your dream clients. Consistently show up with valuable content for your audience. Showing up can even look like sending out email pitches to your dream clients. 

By implementing these 3 strategies, you will be well-equipped and ready to launch your Virtual Assistant business in no time! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below! 

3 ways to start your virtual assistant business ASAP
How to start your virtual assistant business ASAP
3 ways you can start your virtual assistant business today


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